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Our courses cover both front and back-end, and there is no limit to the number of courses you can take. Enroll in as many courses as you need, and take lessons when you have the time. There will be no deadline alerts, because our goal is to make you enjoy the learning process, not to put more pressure on you. We believe that’s the best way to master any subject.

We prepared an Interview Preparation section that consists of numerous questions you will probably have to answer on any regular IT job interview. Here’s your chance to go through all of them and pass your next interview without stress.

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Take a look at our courses, and choose the ones you need:

Information Security and Quality Assurance

  • - Security and Quality Assurance with Chai

  • - HelmetJS

  • - Advanced Node and Express

Responsive Web Design

  • - Basic CSS

  • - CSS Flexbox

  • - CSS Grid

  • - Basic HTML

  • - HTML 5

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

  • - Debugging

  • - Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

  • - Basic JavaScript

  • - JavaScript ES6

Front End Libraries

  • - Bootstrap

  • - Redux

  • - jQuery

  • - React

Data Visualisation

  • - JSON APIs

  • - Ajax

  • - Data Visualisation with 3D

APIs and Microservices

  • - MongoDB

  • - Mongoose

  • - Basic Node and Express

Coding Interview Preparation

A list of possible interview questions in different areas, with special attention paid to Rosetta Code, Project Euler, Algorithms, Data Structures, and others.



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